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 Its a Post Apocaliptic MMO RPG that uses Fallout 2 motor. Was created from fans to fans.

You are invited to join our discord (free software to talk by text and voice chat) and get access to our guide.

If you join our clan, the faction will be yours as well. We try to help each other as possible. I hope you are tough to survive in wasteland with us and understand how great this game can be. When you ready, we can kill some raiders, wanted enemies and factions together.

More info you can get from wiki: 



Este es un RPG Post-Apocalíptico que usas el motor del Fallout 2. Creado de fans para fans.


Eres invitado a unirse a nuestro Discord  (programa que se usa para chat de texto y voz)  y obtener acceso a nuestro tutorial.


Si te unes a nuestro grupo, esta facción igual podrá ser tuya. Espero que seas duro para sobrevivir contra todo peligro del yermo. Luego cuando estés listo, vamos a matar a raiders y otras facciones que se sientes superiores. ¿Estás listo para el desafío?


Más informaciones en la wiki:

bem vindo!


Este é um MMO RPG Pós-Apocalíptico que usa motor do Fallout 2.

Tu esta convidado a entrar no nosso discord (programa para conversar por voz e texto)

e ter acesso ao nosso tutorial básico.

Nossa equipe é internacional, mas nossa base é latino americana. Espero que tu seja forte suficiente para aguentar as durezas da waste e logo mais poder nos apoiar na luta contra raiders e outros filhos da puta que estão na nossa mira.

Mais informações na wiki:



1) FOnline Reloaded domination for two consecutive seasons:

1ª Season 2013 - 2015

2ª Season 2015 - 2017

2) Second Place in arena championship:


FOnline Reloaded was a balanced server, just fucked up after some updates in both seasons. Now this server is just dead, I dont understand until today what the fuck Kilgore did there.

There we had a lot of actions, supported new teams start and join pvp like Khans and many others. Hated and proud was our slogan, there because many factions made big alliances to beat us. BBS, Rogues and others that had good skills in game like us. We were in the same level or even better as some people said those times.

We are here in FOnline 2 since 2017. Was hard to start to play here, because no much welcome from comunity. Few exceptions like guy named Lolum, who helped a lot when gave me 500k to buy faction name.

Even with all diffiucults we did well many times against the top factions who were front of us 2 years in this server. Looting CA MkII and t4 sometimes when we were using only Metal Armor MkII.

Right now we are few members but loyal ones and still active as possible. Some old members coming back soon too. It was a short historic about us. I hope you enjoy play with us. Feel free to ask if have any doubt. Thanks, cya!

                                                            - Napalm 2019




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