1) In HUB have a lot of toxic people no life, take care. They can even follow you until your private tent and steal your stuffs. Dont trust most of people in this comunity, they lie a lot, full bullshit. Read our Wanted List to know who are the bad ones and why.

2) Install eletronic locks in your lockers in private base tents.

3) Install eletronic locks in your car and never park inside towns, even HUB. Just park your car in private tent/base or Sisters bases. But before log off, leave your car on world map or park in your private zone.


4) NEVER leave your car in desert zones and also NEVER drive with Turn Based mode activated. You can ease lose your car this way, drive safe, drive in Real Time!

5) Always log off on world map or next exit grid in bases, or in a place you are sure not cars can block your character.


6) Dont be moron walking with stuffs you dont need, drop everything in safe base/tent/lockers whatever.

7) Take care when share screen and videos with others, make sure nobody can see your lockers password on log.

8) Before makes reroll, make sure you watched our tutorial video how to make it.


9) If you find this item below (Explosive Filled Backpack), run to world map and drop it in a safe place:

It cost 2 million bottle caps, humanoids drop it like raiders, khans, ghouls etc. We can use it to get best implant and something else for you, but if you found it with friends, we must make a roll, or split the caps between everyone (check rules about special items on join us).

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