This website still under Ultra Violence dominion, but now its belongs to Sisterhood of Steel. The big changes is that Napalm freezed Ultra Violence and joined Sisters that main leaders are Sister, Riox Yara and Autotec. Some UV members have joined Sisters as well and Napalm giving us a big support with publicity and informations, tutorials, builds, and lead pvp actions.


Feel free to come and get fun, we are activy enough in game with many experienced players around. For activy players we can offer good support, even expensive implants after some time.


1) Have microphone (if you dont have any, install discord on smart phone and done!)
This game is full of loser spies, so the microphone is a way to check who is who. Then dont feel insulted if people request it for you;

2) Have at least 1 character exaclty as requested by our clan, dedicated for PVP. In this case you must follow the Build we gonna show you. So dont insist in other alternatives or "little changes". You can create how many characters you want and how you want, just make one like requested;

3) Be on discord voice chat while playing, support teammates, help recruit more members to make our team big;

4) We roll special items (mari bomb, implant, t4) after actions in case we are in group. But you must be active at least 1 week with team to have rights to roll;

5) Download our game version, Normal Version or PVP Version.

Thats all.

PS: Make sure you read RED ALERT contents.

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